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Khalifa Bin Yousef

The UAE has made an astounding transformation during the four decades since it was established. This birth of a nation was made possible by the courage and aspirations of few exceptional men, whose vision and intelligence helped building this country to be the thriving economy, the fabulous heritage, the modern face connecting East and West that we cherish and take pride in.

Khalifa Bin Yousef, to whom these pages are dedicated, was one of those few. A man who belonged to a generation of pioneers and entrepreneurs, he was one of the founders of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, the political advisor, and Head of Abu Dhabi ruler's Court during the reign of Sheikh Shakhbout Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

He was described as a man who made history, and known for his calm and patience. His contemporaries called him the mayor of Abu Dhabi until the end of his days. These pages will explore part of the accomplishments and legacy of Khalifa Bin Yousef. Some men represent an era; Khalifa Bin Yousef's story is the story of his motherland.